Standing united in the fight against coronavirus

Print Monster has had another exciting week… we’ve joined SHIELD! No, it isn’t the peacekeeping, spy agency filled with Marvel Avenger’s superheroes. But it is just as cool and the group are pretty heroic.

SHIELD is the new name for a group of hero organisations from loads of different sectors (charities, businesses and grassroots peeps) that have teamed up to work around-the-clock to locate, create and distribute PPE to our frontline health workers – those who are fighting the coronavirus battle on the ground.    

Carl Owen, Head Monster at Print Monster, said: “I’ve always wanted to be an agent of SHIELD – it’s sad that I won’t get to meet Iron Man or The Hulk, but I will wear the SHIELD badge with honour”.

“We stand united in SHIELD. We’re ready to address the shortages of PPE across the UK and provide healthcare workers with the safety they need and deserve to be able to do their job safely.”

 “We know it’s hard on the front line. And we are here to help.” 

To find out more about the SHIELD cooperative, visit their page at: